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Hi Friends My name is Mohit, I do blogging, and content creation is one of my favorite fields so I continue daily in my job, my blogging experience is about 3 to 4 years old and I am 24 years old, I have made my career in blogging since last few years. started

I increase my good in blogging every day and give more information and guide people, with the help of my internet blog, my blog is present in every corner of the world.

What is the niche of my blog and who is my audience

If I talk about my audience, then my audience is people from all over the world because the goal of my blog is to make everyone fit and healthy.

For my website, I try to make all those people my subscriber who take care of their health and activity fitness like gym and have an interest in fitness and health topic like me.

On this blog, you will get to see and read many posts and visual stories which are linked to health and other health news.


Why was the healthyworldlike blog created?


The beginning of my blog is because there are many queries, people have a lot of information that they want and there are many such questions on Google that people ask and their answers have never been given, you will find many such posts on the website.

Healthworld means that people from all over the world can become experts in their health, from the United States to India, our blog will be shown in every country

On this blog, you will find much such content which is USA trending news, health, and fitness-related content, as well as the content of visual stories, in which all types are sports and Hollywood health.

Adsense disclaimer

Advertising will also run on healthyworldlike blog, which will be Google’s Adsense ads, we will put ads on all the blog posts and visual stories which will show our users their favorite ads and this is the complete information of our blog

Along with the content, we want visitors to Google Ads of their choice so that our users want to revisit our website.

Bottom line

There is a lot of content for you to read on the blog so that you can increase your knowledge and enjoy visual stories.

If you are also a blogger and want to link your website to our blog so that our users can visit your website, then mail us the email given below and join on our social media handle

Email– ronydavid298@gmail.com

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